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 this show combines the best sport athletes and the best thrill circus acts and stunt performers from around the world  in one show fallowed by show productions-light effects- special effects-and a Gorgeous set up , this show is created by Dominguez Entertainment to bring a unique show full of

action excitement and high skills this amazing show is for the entire family 

with live singing-beautiful divas-dead define stunt performers-comedy-and more.



A company that believes that every person own different skills, are so unique and extraordinary and what we can do when we push the limits of gravity and danger or a great talent and so manny other skills that men and women can achieve, we look for great talent and add it to one stage one full show that leave audiences breathless and on the edge of their sits,



Produced by Erick Dominguez, since the age of 7 he star to travel around the world with he's father who was also a motorcycle stunt riders.

by the age of 12 Erick perform in canada with 6 motorcycles inside the globe of death making hem the youngest globe of death rider who rode inside a metal cage with 5 other riders. he star working with he's own team at the age of 16, since ten he's ben creating and organizing motorcycle events around  U,S,A CANADA AND CENTRAL AMERICA.

working and learning from the biggest events, circus-theatre-monster trucks-cirque shows-concerts-festival-fairs and theme park always apassionate with motorcycles and danger  come to the idea to create a show mix with the best talent, talent he believes will deliver great family entertainment around the U.S.A

in 2017 Majestik Spectacular open on a theme park in NEW HAMPSHIRE U.S.A for the first time, for 8 successfully weeks,

now majestik spectacular counts with 2 different units and over 75 sport athletes and amazing performers traveling around the country bringing first class Entertainment  all over u.s.a      



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